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Video brochures (also frequently referred to as “TV Brochures”), powered by safe, rechargeable and affordable Lithium-Ion batteries, are rapidly becoming the world’s most exciting new marketing and information tools. TV in a Card Ltd. pioneered the video brochure product line, and is still the leading provider of video brochures to the best brands and companies in the world. In affiliation with US-based ExpressVideoBrochures.com, video brochures are now available for use and purchase by virtually anybody – and as this amazing new technology circles the globe, general questions arise as to the components and energy source that powers them.

In general, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries are extremely safe to be transported, domestically and internationally. When damaged, however, they should be carefully inspected before being transported.

If you know the specific model concerning which you have a question, please enter the specific URL in your browser (found on the video brochure itself). Or, select from the tabs, above, to learn more about the most popular sized video brochures and their battery configurations.